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Our boutique hotel in Zanzibar, The Island Pongwe Lodge and all our hotels in Maldives and as well Gold Zanzibar , are plastic free, eco friendly and built with extreme attention to the environment. 

We are well aware that the beauty of nature is the reason why our clients choose our destination. It is our main resource and as such needs to be preserved. 

On The Island we use only locally sourced fresh and seasonal ingredients from closely located suppliers to create delicious and fresh menu. 

The Island is eco-friendly boutique hotel where we use recycled wood and natural local materials in our design elements and building. “Makuti” roofs made of palm leaves provides natural cooling, old fishing boats stands as creative and strong tables, chairs, mirror frames to wow our guests on every corner.

To implement plastic free policy on The Island we refuse using plastic straws and bottles, instead we are using glass and metal bottles for drinking water and paper or natural straws.

Explore Zanzibar

The Culture

Simply staying on Zanzibar is a cultural experience in itself. The exotic, vibrant atmosphere of bustling Stone Town is an assault on the senses, but aside from the heady spices, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is steeped in history. 

Zanzibar's Swahili culture is the result of a fusion of African, Asian and European influences meeting here. Historically Zanzibar was an important staging post for explorers and traders, and a key trading centre for spices and a centre for the slave trade.

Now Zanzibar offers many different cultural experiences, but accessing these in a short visit can be tricky. We'd often suggest basing yourself in Stone Town for a few days. We've also hand-picked a few insightful and enjoyable day trips - each of which focuses on different cultural aspects of Zanzibar. 

The Island Adventures

Take a walk and visit seaweed farms

The Island is located in picturesque Pongwe Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in Zanzibar. The cycle of high and low tide creates a magic atmosphere. Depending on tide phases you will need a canoe to reach the coast. In other moment of the day, you can reach the beach around The Island easily by walk. This kind of throw back to old and primitive sensation that put our guests in an amazing exploration mood.

Take a walk to the seaweed farm just in front of The Island on a low tide and see how local women are working in a peaceful manner on harvesting agar-agar – world known sea moss that will be dried and used for natural medicine, food, beauty products and more.

Equipped with coral shoes that we provide in the hotel reception, go even further to look for various ocean creatures that are hiding under the rocks or look for deeper natural pools where also you can cool down and find yourself surrounded by spectacular white sand lines. Don`t be surprised if our friendly dogs Luna and Ara join you for a walk. When tide will raise, take snorkeling masks from reception and explore underwater world.

Sunset Shades

Zanzibar is also synonymous with stunning red sunsets.

The Island Pongwe is likely to be the most spectacular place to witness the last light of day.

Clear view of the horizon, the Sunset Lounge Balcony of this unassuming hotel has a vibrant atmosphere, comfortable seating areas and the ultimate vantage point from which to watch the sun go down.